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The CALIBUG HDTV PRO has dozens of uses!

The CALIBUG HDTV PRO Reference Tool is useful for:

Setting up HDTV televisions and monitors in 1080i or 720p modes

Aligning Video projectors

Aligning LED, LCD, or plasma displays

Testing for video system bandwidth

Determining if a video device passes video cleanly

Setting up an SVGA card that has video output

Providing an instant video test pattern system anywhere

Producing "bars and tone" for video tapes

Aligning SVGA and HD monitor convergence

Testing color purity - a complete set of color purity patterns is provided

Testing decoding of streaming video

Testing video projection systems

Tutoring new technicians that have never worked with broadcast or NTSC video before

Producing audio tones for testing your audio portion of your TV system

Testing for monitor overscan and underscan settings

Providing TV test patterns on your home TV to make your wife think the station has signed off and its time to go to bed! ;-)

If you only buy one tool for broadcast video testing on PC's, buy this one!

The CALIBUG HDTV Pro Video Test Tool has everything you'll ever need in a self contained HDMI enabled plug and play package.

Compare it to devices costing three times as much that are far less feature rich or portable.


 The CALIBUG HDTV PROTM HDMI Video Test Pattern Generator


HDTV 1080i/720p, NTSC/PAL TV Test Pattern Generator, digital monitor/projector calibrator, and audio test tool all in a single HDMI enabled plug.

Plugs into any HDMI monitor or video device - self-contained with over 1000 test pattern combinations embedded into its internal flash memory. There's nothing like it for the price!

The Calibug HDTV Pro simply plugs into any HDMI port of a monitor, TV, or other video device and will allow you to run a wide variety of video tests directly onscreen with interactive software. It does not require any other video equipment.

 The Calibug HDTV Pro HDMI Device

The Package Contents



Our CALIBUG HDTV PRO is a unique self contained video test device like no other. It is designed to be a small self-sufficient video testing device that produces test patterns, video, and audio via an integrated HDMI interface suitable for direct plug connections to video monitors, TV's, recorders, and other video systems. Using an integrated processor, flash memory, and an the Android 4.0 operating system, it provides for a fully interactive test experience:

It can support video output formats ranging from 480i through 1080i. For NTSC/PAL composite video testing, an optional HDMI to composite video/audio converter is available.

Designed with input from a team of Video Professionals including a former TV station Chief Engineer, and a multimedia producer, the CALIBUG HDTV PRO is a complete set of Video Reference Tools, Measurement Aids, Video and Audio Tests, and multimedia content designed to help you tune your HDMI Video System to its full potential. Our exclusive full screen test pattern generator allows your to test any HDMI digital video system just as you would with broadcast test equipment rivaling costing thousands of dollars!

It includes over 1000 HD video test pattern combinations in still test patterns and in streaming video format.

  Features of the CALIBUG HDTV PRO Video Test Generator and Reference Tool

The CALIBUG HDTV Pro has an internal 1GHz processor running the Android 4.0 operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich) allowing for a full menu driven interactive operation of the video output channel.

General Features:

  • No drivers required! - plugs directly into any HDMI port and produces video directly to that port.
  • Auto-Run - Included self configuring software allows the CALIBUG HDTV to auto-run when you plug it in, and auto-shutoff when you unplug it. Use a mouse to select your test patterns and you are ready to go.
  • Pocket Sized Dongle - No smaller HDMI capable video test generator exists on the planet! Easy to put into your shirt pocket or tool kit.
  • High impact case - High impact plastic case with dust cover cap withstands fumble fingered drops. There's no worry about breaking this device from falls off the bench.
  • Dual power - AC or USB - can be powered by the included AC adapter or by USB port on the rear of many modern HD TV's and monitors if USB port supports full power.
  • BONUS  - short and long USB power cables included - the short USB power cable allows for powering the device from USB ports on HDTV's and monitors and the long USB power cable allows for powering the device on AC power using the included 120VAC to 5 volt DC adapter
  • BONUS HDMI Extender adapter included - A 180 degrees flexible HDMI extender adapter is included to help you use or test on HDMI devices that have vertical oriented rear panel or inaccessible HDMI ports.
  • Low Power, Lightweight - Only 30 grams, and draws ≤ 700mA @ 5V Operating Current
  • Includes recovery media CD with all patterns and tests, plus a personal use license for these on PC editing systems

Video Output Features:

  • Fully HDMI 1.1 through 1.4 compliant

  • Fully ITU BT.709 compliant

  • Supports all major HD and SD video resolutions.

  • Direct to HDMI in digital form - 50/60 Hz scan rates Supports displays of 1080p/1080i, 720p/720i @ 50/60 Hz, 720x576p @ 50Hz, 720x480p @ 60Hz, and 640x480 @60Hz

  • Supports DV CCIR601 resolutions of 720x480 for NTSC and 720x486 for PAL

  • Optional NTSC/PAL composite video output - available via accessory

  • Optional HD and SD SDI digital output - available via accessory

Embedded Software Features:

  • Full set of HD test patterns - in both 1080 and 720 resolutions immediately available on startup
  • Menu selected operation - via any plug in USB mouse or wireless mouse/pointer
  • Embedded AVS HD 709 - full suite of these popular open sourced video tests are included and selectable
  • Modern NTSC/PAL Test Patterns- every test pattern you need, full screen broadcast quality output  They are all here, SMPTE, EIA, NTC7, Phillips, Pluge, Crosshatch, Raster, Convergence, the works!
  • LCD Monitor/LCD Video Projector Test Patterns- have you ever had to setup a video projector and had trouble getting the focus and contrast set right? Our test patterns make it easy.
  • Audio Test Tone Generator- a collection audio test tones with your television sound system
  • Bars and Tone Generator - Full Field or SMPTE color bars with 1 kHz tone, plus other test tones
  • Safe Title Area Generator - make sure those graphics and titles are lined up within the safe area of the TV screen
  • The Classic Test Patterns - The "Indian Head" from the 50's, the EIA and SMPTE patterns, all the great classics....just for fun or nostalgia.
  • Over 1000 different styles and resolutions of tests are available on the CALIBUG HDTV PRO.
  • User selectable video resolutions - via menu you can set the device to "auto detect" the HDMI resolution or set for an "always on" resolution of your choice.
  • Upload your own test patterns or videos - device can be connected to a PC or Mac as a disk drive via USB cable
  • Android 4.0 operating system - allows for future app expansion and updates

Startup test pattern main menu (click a thumbnail for the resolution test needed)

Samples of HDTV 16:9 Static Patterns
(there are over 110 in all)

Samples of CCIR601 and NTSC/PAL/SVGA Static Patterns
(there are over 250 in all)


Samples of the embedded AVS HD 709 video playback tests


Electrical and System Specifications:

  • HDMI 1.4 interface Embedded Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system

  • ARM Cortex A5 1.0 GHz processor 

  • 512 MB DDR3 memory

  • 4 GB internal NAND Flash memory

  • Micro USB OTG (On-The-Go) port for power and PC connection (2 power cables included)

  • USB 2.0 Type A host port for connecting a USB mouse/keyboard

  • Support for external USB 1.2 and 2.0 hubs

  • Support for 2.4 GHz wireless mouse and/or keyboard via USB

  • Built-in Atheros AR6103 IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi

  • DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and WPS support

  • Auto detection for HDMI device/monitor resolution

  • HD video decoder (1080/720 @ 60 fps)

  • HD video encoder (1080/720 @ 30 fps)

  • Power Consumption: ≤ 700mA @ 5V (via mini OTG USB port, 120VAC power supply included)

Regulatory Approvals:

  • FCC part 15

What's in the package:

  • Calibug HDTV Pro device with protective cap

  • 120VAC to 5VDC power supply with USB connector

  • 180 swivel HDMI port extender

  • 18" short USB power cable (for use on rear of monitors with USB ports)

  • 36" USB power supply cable

  • Content Recovery DVD with native patterns as PNG, JPG, and MP4 video files

  • Printed quick start guide

The Calibug HDTV Pro is designed to be operated with any Windows or Linux compatible wired or wireless mouse or mouse enabled wireless pointer which is used to navigate between the different test patterns, audio tests, and video test files for full screen display and playback. See accessories below for a low cost wireless mouse if you need one.

Pricing and purchase:


CALIBUG HDTV PRO single - HDMI Video Test and Reference Tool   $149.95   Qty:   

CALIBUG HDTV PRO 2-Pack - HDMI Video Test and Reference Tool   $289.95     Qty:  

CALIBUG HDTV PRO 5-Pack - HDMI Video Test and Reference Tool   $579.95     Qty:  


Wireless mouse

Slim 1600 DPI wireless optical mouse and USB receiver for use with Calibug HDTV Pro:

Buttons: Left button, right button, rolling wheel, dpi switcher
Operation range: Up to 10 meters (~40 feet)
Power: 1 x AA battery (included)
Color: Black w/white receiver
Mouse size: 104x62x25mm
USB dongle size: 20x14x6mm
Mouse weight: 51g
Receiver weight: 3g

Item Includes:
1 x 2.4G Wireless Mouse
1 x USB Receiver

WIRELESS MOUSE for use with CALIBUG HDTV PRO   $12.99   Qty:   

HDMI to composite video converter for testing conventional TV systems

The HDMI2AV converter accepts the Calibug HDTV Pro into its HDMI port, and produce composite NTSC RS170A or PAL


  • USB powered with included cable (*we recommend the dual power adapter below)
  • Audio line level and composite video on RCA connectors
  • Compact, light weight, portable size
  • HDMI in, Composite Video + Audio R/L out
  • Convert HDMI signal to Composite Video + Stereo Audio R/L signal
  • Optional choice for output video systems: PAL/NTSC.
  • CVBS output: PAL, NTSC_M, and (NTSC_J)
  • Input ports: 1xHDMI
  • Output ports: 3xRCA (Yellow, White, Red)

Supported HDMI Input Resolutions:

640x480@60Hz, 800x600@60Hz, 1024x768@60Hz, 1280x720@60Hz, 1280x1024@60Hz,1360x768@60Hz, 1600x1200@60Hz,1920x1080@60Hz, 480i/60Hz, 480p/60Hz, 576i/60Hz, 576p/60Hz, 720p50/60Hz,1080I50/60Hz, 1080p50/60Hz.

Package Includes: 1 x HDMI to 3RCA + Video Converter. 1 x USB Power Supply Cable. 1 x User Manual

Dimensions (mm): 66(D) x55(W) x20(H).
Weight 40 grams

HDMI to Composite NTSC/PAL CONVERTER - powered by USB port  $49.95  Qty:  

* Dual USB Power Adapter 

Run your CaliBug HDTV PRO and HDMI2AV Video Converter at the same time.

AC2USB Dual USB Power Adapter - $14.95  Qty:  


Also Available:

The Calibug HDTV USB is also available in an industrial orange USB device for use on PC's and laptops, turnin
g them into video test systems.

See details


For larger quantity or reseller discounts, please email  Minimum reseller order is 5 CALIBUG HDTVS

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