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A free download trial edition is available for some of our products. Others must be ordered on a demo CD due to download size.

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  MediaBrick- The worlds SMALLEST multimedia PC!

This truly stunning development in PC miniaturization enabled broadcast, multimedia, and kiosk presentation systems to be driven by a small "bolt on" PC. Small enough to be attached to the back of a TV set, LCD monitor, projection system, or kiosk, it packs a full featured multimedia system into a package about the size of 3/4" U-Matic Video Tape! Composite Video, S-Video, SVGA, 1394 Firewire, USB2.0, and stereo audio all combined with up to 60GB HD space, 512 MB RAM and more!


  Calibug HDTV
USB Video Calibrator and Multimedia Test/Reference Tool

The Calibug HDTV turns any USB port PC or LAPTOP equipped with DVI (HD), NTSC/PAL Composite or S-Video (Y/C) output into an NTSC, PAL or HDTV Video Test Signal Generator rivaling those costing thousands of dollars!


ItWorks NTSC Video Reference for PC's
Our unique video reference tool offers professional-level features in a user-friendly package. Valuable for broadcasters or amateur video makers, this tool tells you everything you ever wanted to know about NTSC video, plus the registered version offers broadcast quality color test patterns and alignment patterns. This software turns any video card with an NTSC or video output into a broadcast test signal generator.


   ItWorks DVD Video Reference
Our unique DVD Video CD reference is the first of its kind! It turns almost any DVD Player into a Video Test Pattern Generator and video test system. Easy to use, simply press buttons on your remote control! Features all the test patterns of our PC version of the program plus the original Test Patterns available on the CD for use in non-linear editors. Readable by most DVD Players as well as PC CD ROMS.

Scala InfoChannel Designer Box Shot (image)

Scala InfoChannel
A flexible video engine that makes it possible to quickly create stand alone TV channels, kiosk presentations, or "bugs". Essentially, these programs turn a properly equipped PC (Such as our VideoRax server) into a full featured character generator, still-store, 2D/3D effects generator, audio effects generator, and timeline editor. This incredible software replaces many separate machines- a true problem solver and cost reduction tool, it's a must have for any broadcaster or video pro.

Scala ICD5 which has robust broadcast features including logging, RS422 machine control, and video keying, and the less expensive Scala InfoChannel Designer, which also offers the ability to Export Internet Content as well as handle video presentations.


  Media Server 4000
A robust video server system that works great with Scala Software and provides a 4U solution to the problem of getting computer graphics and MPEG video to broadcast. Complete with video keyer, genlock, GPI trigger, and composite/component/SD and HD-SDI Video I/O. Works great as a still-store, video clip store, audio effects and video effects. It has many uses from logo inserters to full featured video production. Can operate as a stand alone cable TV channel and do commercial insertion too!

  Eclipse SVGA to NTSC Video
A unique single card scan converter solution that will create broadcast quality NTSC Composite and S-Video along with providing Studio Genlock, Phasing, and Software control. Plus it also does LIVE video keying and insertion of graphics and text!


A solution for creating live weather content on your website from a live digital weather station (such as our Long Distance Remote Weather Stations) or from NWS METAR data derived from the web. Does web graphics, web HTML, text, broadcast quality weather graphics and more.



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